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Visa Appointment Booking Online



Important Notice

● Visa on Arrival (VOA) scheme allows passport holders of the listed countries/ territories to apply for visa on upon arrival at any international airport in Thailand starting from 1 October 2021 onwards. (Click for List of countries/territories eligible for VOA).

*Update as of 26 January 2022*


1. Fill in VABO as follows for Visa Application.

VABO on Oct 2022 VABO on Nov 2022


2. The applicant's name must match exactly the name in your passport. If the name on the appointment schedule does not match the name in your passport, your visa application will be rejected and the new VABO must be made. In case the appointment is made by representative or authorized person, please fill in representative or authorized person name on Section 1. For applicants’ name, please fill in on Section 2, Detail of Visa Applicant.

3. Maximum of 5 applicants per booking.

4. Please arrive at Royal Thai Consulate-General, Fukuoka as per your VABO. You are required to fill in new VABO if you do not show up.

5. If you wish to amend or cancel your VABO, please contact our consular section via E-mail: [email protected]