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Guidelines for visa application


● Before visa application, please check the requirements of each type of visa.

● Only VABO (Visa Appointment Booking Online) are accepted for visa application.

● A valid re-entry permit holder does not need to submit a visa application .

● We, Royal Thai Consulate-General in Fukuoka, reserve the rights to request additional documents and to reject an application without providing any reasons. In case that visa application is rejected, the application fee will not be refunded and submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant.

● For application of Non-Immigrant Visa, please make sure that the invitation and recommendation letters correctly address to Royal Thai Consulate-General in Fukuoka.

● Visa application fee : CASH only (Details of application fee)

● Extension of Stay Permit in Thailand : Please apply at the Office of Immigration Bureau http://www.immigration.go.th. The extension of stay permit is solely at the discretion of the Immigration officer.

● Upon the completion of 90 days stay period in Thailand, foreigners must notify the Immigration Bureau of their residence in Thailand and shall repeat this process every 90 days.

● Visa Processing Time
     ◦ At least 3 working days after submitting the application if no additional document is requested. Please be noted that it may take longer in certain.

     ◦ Applicants will obtain passport with visa by Yu Pack of Japan Post Office (Cash on delivery services which fee is depended on the address). Alternatively, applicants can prepare letter pack plus envelope (Red color) by themselves.
*The letter pack envelope can be purchased at any Japan Post Office or some convenient stores.

● Conditions for Appointing a representative for visa application

Conditions for Appointing a representative for visa application

1. Diplomatic / Offiical Visa (D / F) 

● Travel agency or Individual representative 

2. Non-Immigration B Visa (Working / Business)  ● Staff from same group company of an applicant
3. Non-Immigration O Visa (Spouse / Dependent of foreigner legally works in Thailand) 

● Staff from same group company of an applicant
● Parent for an applicant under 20 years old only (Not required Power of Attorney for Family member)

4. Non-Immigration ED Visa

● Staff from same institution of an applicant 
● Parent of an applicant under 20 years old who will attend international school only (Not required Power of Attorney for Family member)

5. Tourist Visa - TR

● Travel agency or Family member, only spouse or children
(Not required Power of Attorney for Family member)

Required documents for representative
※No requirement for family member representative of no. 3 - 5

1. Power of Attorney (Download Form) 
2. A copy of staff ID card which is showed the face of a representative
3. A copy of name card of a representative

※In case we cannot confirm whether a representative is a staff from same group company, please submit other related documents such as listed companies group on website, employment certification and etc.).


Remark : 
● Passport holders of listed countries and territories below are not allowed to appoint a representative for visa application 

Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, Palestine, Sudan, Yemen, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Congo , Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Algeria, China, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Central African Republic, Somalia, Sao Tome and Principe, Liberia, Sierra Leone, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan


● Nigerian national requires additional Clearance Certificate by NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency) in Nigeria, certified by Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and legalized by the Royal Thai Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria.




Status : 30-SEP-2022